The Dry Bag - Pro Bag with Hanger - Black

The Dry Bag - Pro Bag with Hanger - Black
- Dry your kit anywhere
- Just hang up to dry
- Self contained reservoir collects water
- Oversized hanger
- UV protection
- 130cm by 63cm


No more fuss about drying your kit. This is an absolute must for anyone peeling themselves in and out of a wetsuit every weekend! The Dry Bag allows you to hang up and dry your kit anywhere without getting anything else wet. A reservoir inside the bag collects the water from your kit and can be drained at your convenience through the easy to use drain valve. The oversized hanger prevents damage to even the most sensitive of wetsuits whilst they dry and all this time they are protected from UV rays. No more puddles in your car, no more wet seats - just a Dry Bag. It reigns when it pours.