Showroom Star 3/2mm Longarm Shorty - Large - 2017

Showroom Star 3/2mm Longarm Shorty - Large - 2017
- Ex Showroom Product
- One Year Warranty
- M-Flex (50%) Soft Touch (50%)
- Flatlock Stitching
- Back Zip
- Glide Skin Double Neck Construction

Regular Price: £90.00

Special Price £49.95



The perfect suit for summer holidays! Lets face it the UK real just isn't that warm but in the summer months a shorty will keep you warm enough! The Mystic Star Longarm Shorty is the ideal solution.Get ready for your summer holiday now! Ex Showroom - Please note this is an Ex-Showroom Product. There are tags on the product and it has never been used. Only minor graphical alterations may have been made when compared to a main line product. There is still a one year warranty that still stands with these products.