CWB A.A. BINDINGS 9-10 - 2014

CWB A.A. BINDINGS 9-10 - 2014
- Infinity plate for lightest strongest foundation
- Impact strap integrated to lace
- Cush liner with shock pads
- Deep heel pocket with built in achillies pads
- Reinforced Velcro ankle strap with interlocking teeth
- Tall wrap
- Gorilla grip
- Only available in a medium (US 9-10)

Regular Price: £151.95

Special Price £67.46



With 26 professional wins and nearly 80 podium finishes no one has been consistently riding at the highest level longer than Andrew Adkison. In a kids game it’s hard to stay ranked top 5 in the world and it’s done so with hard work, determination and sacrifice. Luckily you won’t have to sacrifice anything with the AA boot. Laces on the lower boot make for quick cinching over the top of your foot. A high strength Velcro strap on the upper boot is extra rigid and makes dialing in your support preferences easy.